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Profile: While he is DJing, you can feel how the sound, the rhythmically impeccably fitted record and the generated beat harmonize perfectly with him. The music is like an addiction for him.... The beginnings... Growing up in the canton of Baselland, he began to cultivate the hobby of music as a teenager; in the background, however, droned not only the music, but also the voice of his father, who constantly had to remind him of the homework.... The first experiences at the local radio and as a party DJ, RoMo quickly made himself known. Gigs in various national clubs and discos followed. Finally, in the memorable November 1997, another dream took shape: RoMo quit his employer to devote himself fully to the role of DJ or director at "Radio 105 Network" (formerly "Radio One"). A quickly made decision... RoMo made a forced but correct decision: he turned off the spotlights that had been shining on him for so many years and took a well-deserved break to recharge his batteries; with renewed energy and motivation, he took on occasional jobs again as a DJ at parties among his acquaintances and in various clubs. DJ RoMo expanded his network and got to know interesting people who booked him gigs in Switzerland, London and Cyprus. With a weekly 60 minutes radio show on various webradios he expanded his passion. Full Immersion weekly show with the best of contemporary soulful house, nu-disco & house classics. His Motto: Peace, Love & HOUSE.

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