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Rob Hayes


Registered: 26th Oct 2009



Profile: Ever since a early age, Rob Has been interested in Dance music. He used to own many modest keyboards where he would learn the building blocks for his productions later on in his life, but it really wasn't until his early teen years that Rob really realised the potential of what making music with keyboards and computers could really produce ! Rob was lucky enough to go to a great secondary school where they had a basic studio running Cubase, it was here that Rob started to understand how several layers / instruments could be built up together and sequenced to create great Dance music. After leaving school , Rob became interested in the DJing side of Dance music and purchased some modest Vinyl Turntables and a even more modest mixer , where he practiced for many years and bought many many records. As the years progressed Rob finely tuned his technical abilities as well as developing a great ear for a great tune , and began to approach promoters of nights, this led to Rob playing at many great venues such as SeOne and Ministry Of Sound (London) as well as a few international venues located in beautiful countries around the Med. During early 2000 upto 2009 , Rob released many records / remixes with various great Soulful House Labels such as Reelgroove and DaddyFunk 45 among many others. And this leads pretty much upto now except for Rob starting his own independent label for House music called Solar Sounds. Solar Sounds promoises to deliver only the finest sounds around, so keep your eyes on this page for future releases from Rob and other Artists !

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