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Registered: 1st Sep 2009



Profile: It started around 1992. Alberto, the youngster from Sparta, first set foot in a radio station studio. The environment felt very natural to him. He immediately felt that this was the place for him, a place where he could contribute, create, inspire and get inspired. Up until that time, his musical influences were disco, blues and black music in general. Then came the rock-steady but so addictive 4/4 measure, blended with fat baselines, rich soulful vocals, funky guitar riffs and rhythmic pianos. And so it began. House music was the name, and since then, Alberto has been on a search for this kind of feeling, this kind of mood, to channel into the radio air and dance floors. For the past 15 years, his show has been aired in several radio stations, numerous international amongst them. And still, it goes on, with the same unchanged principle … respect to that feeling. Stay Tuned…

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