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Spotlight On… Niall Johnson

After a couple of years sabbatical from SSR but never too far from a DJ booth, we’re pleased to announce Niall Johnson’s Edge of Soul radio show is back.

Cue the spotlight…

How long have you been involved with SSRadio?

My first show was in 2007, it ran for five years amassing over 7600 podcasts for the last show and now after a couple of years sabbatical I am back!

How did you originally get involved?

There were, and continues to be, a number of House stations on the internet but choosing the right one was simple. I listened to a range of them and choose the one that had the best shows on. That was SSradio.

What’s been your favourite memory so far?

Watching the audience grow over the years across all the shows and as the station grew so it attracted more established djs.

How do you think the station has evolved since you started?

Unlike some other stations SSradio has evolved with the quality of it’s shows. It doesn’t have to switch dj rotas to remain fresh nor put on nights to gain momentum with its audience. It has evolved naturally with djs promoting the station through their own shows and nights. That draws people to it and once there, they don’t go anywhere else.

Where would you like to see the station go now?

We have had the same website for a while now and that might help to spread the word more. It would be good to bring back the boat party, perhaps to an annual event. Maybe we could get more involved with Croatia. How about a Argonaughty?

Favourite events you’ve played?

It has never been about the size of the crowd for me. It has, yes it is a cliché, been the crowd on the night. Nights where you get the crowd to dance when you think that it may not happen – a particular night in a club in Istanbul that was famed for its love of minimal techno. I was the warm up and was asked to play on. A seven hour set followed. I never shook so many people’s hands at 6am! Back in the day I remember playing at Bagley’s (RIP), looking up to see Jason Donovan dancing away in front of the booth, pupils the size of saucers…

How would you describe your style?

It is built upon the foundations of soulful vocal House. It is also about the mix. I love to bring sounds together in an effort to bring an extra something to the tune but without taking anything away from the tune. Keep it simple.

Where did it all begin?

Djing at university in 1988 with a friend. We thought that we were something special before dj’s became to be seen as something special! From there to bars and clubs in Kingston Upon Thames and then into London and the Home Counties. Thinking back I was playing with guys and girls who were just as naive as I was, but are now established names within the scene.

Where’s your favourite place you’ve played?

Wherever there is a like minded group of people. For unique I would say a very choppy boat in the middle of the Bosphorus which collided with another boat.

What gig would you most like to play?

Nowhere in particular although it would be cool to get more involved with the djs on the station.

Who are your inspirations?

The feelings brought about by those 1989-1991 Strictly Rhythm and similar US labels were inspirational. They kept me coming back for more at clubs like the Soundshaft and spending any money I had at Reckless, Beggars Banquet and Blackmarket record shops. The 4/4 beats kept the feet moving and the songs about love and loss were like nothing I had ever heard.

Who is your favourite DJ?

How can anyone have just one favourite dj? Without turning into a beard stroker (too much) It is a shame that some really good djs have not made the long haul through the years. Are there djs that I would go and listen to every time they were playing nearby without fail? Of course, Terry Hunter, Ted Patterson and Kid Batchelor.

Does success make you a sellout?

It depends on what you do with it. Some people like Louis Vega or Joey Negro who spread their talents into live music I respect what they are doing, showing that quality dance music doesn’t just come from a dj and a couple of CDJs. Of course there are far too many out there who think that auto mixing a few Traxsource top tens makes you worthy of more attention, defeats the whole purpose as far as I am concerned. It is not important to know who I am but it is important to listen to my music.

Your track of the 2013?

Louie Vega Starring Bucie – Angels Are Watching Me

Hottest New Acts On The Block

Liking Eats Everything tracks a lot in the last few months. Gives everything an Edge…

You can catch Niall Johnson’s return Edge of Soul show on Sunday 1st December 2013 at 20:00.

aac715 wrote December 4th, 2015 at 03:02

I do not have iTunes., I have an old Zune MP3 player. I want to download the podcast though. How to I do this? Where is the URL that I can cut and paste into Zune?

Matt Sims wrote December 4th, 2015 at 10:28

Hi aac715, you can find the podcast URL on every playlist post:

I.e. To subscribe to Niall Johnson’s podcast, the URL is

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