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The Deep House Cat Show 19th Oct 2011
01 ***************** ***************** ***************** *****************
02 Captain Audio, Dead United, Bored Stiff Intro Mashup [0:00:27]
03 Kastil SMD Original Mix Outernational Recordings [0:00:51]
04 Toby Tobias Tomorrow's Bringing Zoo Look Remix This Is Music - More Music [0:06:25]
05 Gigamesh Feat. Nicole Godiva People Original Mix Our Label International [0:12:45]
06 PWNDTIAC Coast to Coast Original Mix Work It Baby [0:18:07]
07 Carrot Green Carrer Del Comerc Kitti's Slow Dub Molotov21 [0:21:12]
08 Sare Havlicek Feat. Hannah Mancini Vibe On You Sare's 115 BPM Mix Nang [0:27:14]
09 August Rush Finish Line Domestic Technology Remix Incepto Music [0:32:41]
10 Mustang Shooting Love Original Mix Different [0:38:37]
11 Scibi, Loui Feat. Alec Sun Drae Who Am I Dub Mix Diamondhouse Records [0:42:28]
12 Sunner Soul, Deep-Maker Space Above Us Ivan Enot Remix Toto Recordings [0:48:24]
13 Alain Ho, Alex Arnout Your Love Original Mix The Exquisite Pain Recordings [0:55:52]
14 Addex Electronic Streets Original Mix Apollo Electronic [1:02:59]
15 Rubberlips Dughouse Alessio Arcangeli Remix Panama Red Records [1:09:44]
16 HouseRiders As Brothers & Sisters Alvaro Hylander Remix Lens Media [1:16:45]
17 Enrique Gongora, Celice Monnette Public Presentation Phase Modulation Remix Miniatura Records [1:22:24]
18 Laetitia Aguas Blancas Deep Dub Mix Tecnovo Records [1:25:59]
19 John Veis Your Love Original Mix Kiss Dance Records [1:31:51]
20 Eric Yedim Elite Night Gucci Version Anatolian Beats [1:34:54]
21 Oleg Soul Warm Original Mix Deep Nota Records [1:39:58]
22 Stan Kolev, Matan Caspi Out Of Time Original Mix Outta Limits [1:46:00]
23 Stereo Mutants Feat. Jannae Jordan I Wanna Go Mr. Moon Re-Touch Remix Lovely Moods Music [1:52:35]
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Nick - ssradio wrote October 19th, 2011 at 05:29

Philipp, you will be happy to know a local coffee shop here is Australia plays your show/podcast and has admitted he is obsessed with it. Good work mate.

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