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Web Radio Dallas 22nd Jun 2011

WebRadioDallas #55 ‘Lazy Disko’ (06-22-11)
KastiL – “Mr. Prime Minister” (Original Mix) [Deep Nota]
Kinky Movement – “Next to U” (Camouflage’s ReaLity Mix) [FLC]
Lewie Day – “That’s the Thing” (Original Mix) [MoonBootique]
Lance DeSardi – “Only U” (Original Mix) [Bang the Box]
Stu Patrics – “Things Working” (Original Mix) [MoodMusic]
LeiF – “Bide the Time” (Original Mix) [Fina Musica]
The Timewriter – “King of CaLm” (Original Mix) [MoodmusiC Records]
Physics feat. Daisy – “Holding On” (Karol XVII and Mb Valence Mix) [SeamLess]
Cunnie Williams – “SaturDay” (Penner + Muder Mix) [Peppermint Jam]
Funk Stew – “Hot On Your TraiL” (Frequent FLiers’ SLoMo Remix) [Amenti Music]
KinKy Movement – “Next 2 You” (FunKtion Mix) [FLC Records]
Stu Patrics – “By Your Side” (Original Mix) [MoodmUsic]
Andre Crom and Martin Dawson – “About U” (Original Mix) [OFF Music]
Mas Delux – “Living it Wild” (Original Mix) [Promo]
NiLs Penner – “Peanuts” (Original Mix) [Wazi Wazi]
Vincenzo Monastra – “Puesta de SoL” (Original Mix) [LimeLi Lab]
ELeF – “Around the World” (Original Mix) [Dirt Crew Records]
K-Audio – “City 17” (Original Mix) [WhoBear Music]
R. Costa and J. James – “Cry II Get Down” (Original Mix) [PotoBoLo]
Iz and Diz – “Down 4 U” (V and D Mix) [HomeComing Music]

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