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After Hours Electronica 7th Oct 2010

Kazim Aprendiz – “Ion – Chicago Skyline” (Original) [Sureplayer Black]
Pablo Fierro – “Check The Boogie” (Pablo Fierro remix 2) [I! Records]
tONKPROJECT – “Fields Of Nothing” (Pablo Fierro Remix) [Behaviors]
Terry Lee Brown Junior – “Electric Avenue” (Original) [Plastic City]
Pablo Fierro – “Hold Me Back” (Original) [Stratospherik]
Greg Parker – “Get High” (Original) [Plastic City]
Pablo Fierro – “Lincoln Tunnel” (Original) [Elevation Records]
Pablo Fierro – “Back to The Roots” (Original) [Cover Music]
J.Axel – “Every Part Of The World” (Club Mix) [Plastic City.Play]
Daniel Kyo – “Pixels” (Raygun Remix) [2600 Records]
Pablo Fierro – “Back to The Roots” (Original) [Cover Music]
Dirty Mongel – “Cream” (Wiretappeur Remix) [Bedrock Records]
Harold Health – “Diablo” (Vocal Remix) [Dutchie Music]
Ross Couch – “Pushing Up” (Original) [Body Rhythm Records]
Illas Katelanos – “Bay Trip” (Original) [Lovezone Records]
Robert Babicz – “Chordy” (Gorge Remix) [Gorge Remix]
Illas Katelanos – “Bay Trip” (Original) [Lovezone Records]
Instant Pleasure – “I’m Hooked” (Original) [Plastic City.Play]

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