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SSRadio newsletter issue 13 – Dennis Ferrer & The Martinez Brothers in London!

Welcome to Issue 13. December already, hasn’t this year flown by? With just two weeks until Christmas, no doubt many of you are starting to look forward to a bit of time off work and some well deserved R’n’R – as well as plenty of festive partying of course! So on that note, you’ll be pleased to know about a massive Dennis Ferrer & The Martinez Brothers gig in London. We also reveal Defected’s ‘Most Rated’ tracks of 2009 as voted for by you, take five with Junior Scott from the Flight show, and let you know how you can win a pair of tickets to the aforementioned DF & TMB event. Enjoy 🙂

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oleackurt wrote May 1st, 2012 at 01:33

Romans did it lavish styles, Victorians brought in change of fashions to suit it for women, the Art Nouveau era saw it transforming again to suit for the sleeveless fashion and the 20th century has made umpteen corrections to the ever popular gold bracelet. Where do you want to be in gold bracelet’s history?

Roman and Victorian Styles of Gold Bracelet
When it comes to gold bracelet, Romans and Victorians hardly share any thing in common. Romans draw a lot from their necklaces and earrings for bracelet designs. For example, the ball earrings of that time were copied into making what can be now called as ball gold bracelet. Twisted styles and snake styles were the craziest things of that time.

Gems and Stones in Gold Bracelet
Using gems of both semi precious and precious types was not uncommon at any time. Emeralds, rubies and a host of semi precious stones rendered glory and richness to otherwise plain gold bracelet. This was an instant hit with women from wealthier families for the instant recognition and acceptance it gave them in the peer groups.

What Styles Do You Like
There is no limitation or any regulation on the style now a day. On the other hand you might find bracelets of same moulds as they are now mass manufactured in bulk. Historically twisted rope or leafy patterns were popular. ‘Entangled Eye’ design emblazoned with gemstones was the rage of the Victorian times. As with now, it was always the dictate of fashion which guided the craze of gold bracelet.

Designs depicting creatures and flowers and fruits are a clear passe now a day. The gold bracelet design has come of age and become bolder, if you go by the kind of experimentation. Gold mesh and twisted linked design in flatter patterns are the ones that find place in the collectors’ box.

Recently, bracelets are also available in white gold. White gold bracelet gives a greater appearance as it shines like platinum.

Did you know gold bracelets are the coveted symbols of poker games’ elites? Winning gold bracelets is the biggest honor in the World Series of Poker (WSOP.) Teams fighting it out there will swear that they won’t rest until they won gold bracelets.

Nevertheless, gold bracelets were never considered bad omens or superstitious to wear. At best, you could go to the length of avoiding certain stones being cast in your bracelet. The yellow metal gold strip still dazzling around many wrists should speak for their popularity.

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