SSRadio & Friends Summer Party
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Web Radio Dallas 29th Apr 2009

jerry mcallister – “never let u down” (house mix) [dj international 1986]
rickster – “night moves” (night house mix) [sound pak 1988]
joe smooth inc. – “promised land” (club mix) [dj international 1986]
ralphi rosario – “you use to hold me” (kenny’s mix) [hot mix 5 1987]
bnc – “house ain’t givin’ up” (dean anderson mix) [aka dance 1987]
holly jump – “u can’t hide” (club mix) [dj international 1988]
ten city – “that’s the way love is” (deep house mix) [atlantic promo 1988]
fantasy club – “mystery girl” (club mix) [international house 1987]
les sun rae – “revelation” (club vocal mix) [minimal promo 1988]
fast eddie – “acid thunder” (smooth thunder mix) [dj international 1988]
pierre’s fantasy club – “dream girl” (mickey oliver mix) [hot mix 5 1988]
mario diaz – “can u feel it” (new york mix) [hot mix 5 1988]
tyree – “let’s get together” (vocal mix) [dj international 1988]
frankie knuckles – “tears” (def remix) [white lable 1988]
rocky jones – “choice of a new generation” (joseph watt remix) [white lable 1988]
inner city – “good life” (steve silk hurley mix) [virgin promo 1988]
tyree – “it takes a thief” (julian jumpin perez mix) [underground 1988]
royal house – “can you party” (club mix) [warlock 1989]
fast eddie – “yo yo get funky” (tyree super duper cooper mix) [dj international 1988]
tyree – “turn up the bass” (jumpin mix) [dj international 1988]
mario diaz – “can you feel it” (bass it up mix) [hot mix 5 1988]
pierre – “mystery girl” (house mix) [international house 1987]
farley – “jack my body” (original mix) [dance mania 1987]
mike dunn – “laser scan” (original mix) [muzique 1989]
s. poindexter – “born to freak” (original mix) [muzique 1989]
cool house – “rock this party” (original mix) [dj international 1988]
mr. lee – “pump up chicago” (original mix) [trax 1988]
armando – “disin you” (armandos dis mix) [warehouse 1988]
kream – “like this” (hip house mix) [real house 1989]
jackstreet – “can’t do it alone” (original mix) [real house 1989]
bass boyz – “lost in bass” (bad boy bill 89 mix) [hot jam 1989]
the children aka adonis – “freedom” (original mix) [dj international 1989]
m.e. – “all the time” (original mix) [trax 1989]
jerry mcallister – “never let u down” (house mix) [dj international 1986]

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